Tales of a perfect Saturday morning in New York • Being the gorgeous day that I woke up to this morning, I decided to explore and walk for my breakfast. Thank to the advice of, at this stage famous, local friend and colleague Frances, I end up having a true New York morning experience. She calls me and says what are you doing ? while I was about to take the firs bite of my egg and cheese Panini. I replied.. well I am having breakfast. Well finish that jump on the subway and meet me at the front desk of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, there is a brand new exhibition on The World of Khubilai Khan: Chinese Art in the Yuan Dynasty. Imagine my face and reaction when at that point I was trying to wake up and sip through the morning with my large skim latte… after having gone out last night with my other longtime local friend Alejandro to the gay club Boxers.  (http://www.boxersnyc.com/)

In less than 20 minutes there I was. To my surprise The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) was packed and I mean packed. Local, foreigners, artists, art student drawing their sketches. If you’ve never been to this museum, put it into your MUST DO MUST SEE list, since it is amazing. The exhibitions are so interesting and well presented and narrated.
I mean you can spend days in here, the museum never ends with a heritage of art, collections, and pieces from all corners of the world. We decided to focus into 3 main things (1). the Khubilai Khan Exhibition, (2). the Joan Miro Exhibition and (3). the Roman Mosaic from Lod (Israel). Unfortunately as you may all we aware no pictures are allowed at the exhibitions, but in a few words…. regardless of the exhibition showing in town by the time of your visit, do not hesitate to visit the MET. For only USD 20 per person you can enjoy some of the most spectacular wonders of this world.
The MET is located right on the Central Park over Fifth Avenue in between 81st and 84th. East to get there by subway, taxi or bus. Mondays is closed. Tuesdays – Thursdays 09.30AM to 05.30PM. Fridays – Saturdays 09AM to 09PM. Sundays 09.30AM to 05.30PM. For more information (http://www.metmuseum.org).
So we finish with our planned tour of the MET and we were starving. Although we had the option of staying there for lunch at the cafeteria, of course Frances had much better plans. She said come on Carlos, jump on the taxi, lets go to Bergdorf Goodman and have lunch at BGs. So we did. !!!! I love this restaurant which has been feature many times in movies and of course at the sequels of Sex and the City. Check my previous post on BG Restaurant (here).
Of course once we got there, they were already expecting us… what else can you expect coming along with Frances. And they gave us one of the only two tables with this fabulous imperial chairs with overviews to the Central Park and the Plaza Hotel.
We sat there for hours, we chatted, she introduced me to half of the staff of the restaurant and we ate, and we ate and we ate. Well I did while she was watching astonished. But hey this time no drinks just Pellegrino water and lemon juice.
We shared SEARED SEA SCALLOPS spinach, artichoke and goat cheese ravioli, truffle sauce (USD 28), AHI TUNA TARTARE
avocado, toasted pine nuts, tobiko, wasabi sauce (USD 20) and ROAST CHICKEN SALAD baby spinach, chickpeas, toasted almonds, marinated artichokes, shaved carrot, warm bacon vinaigrette (USD 26).
Dessert on the house courtesy of Robin, our waiter/bartender and BG Restaurant.  GINGER CHEESECAKE. Thank you for pampering and spoiling us. We will be back for more soon right Frances… Of course then she dragged me all the way down to the 6th. floor of the Shoe and Clothes Department of Bergdorf Goodman. But to be honest I quite enjoying doing that and and her company.