Tarquino Nouvelle Argentinean Cuisine  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Tarquino was the original name of the first Shorthorn bull (1826) to enter Argentina, to increase the quality of a national herds.  From there the name of this brand new, modern yet traditional, Argentinean restaurant, with sophisticated homemade touches. New Argentinean Cuisine, far from the concept of molecular gastronomy, Tarquino combines the most traditional dishes and techniques and the local produce and resources,  presented in a way and style appealing to the most exquisite international palate, by the signature of Chef Dante Liporace. Former elBulli on two occasions and chosen as the Argentine representative before Girona and Mistura Gastronomic Forum, he inaugurated Tarquino.
My choices for the night were all simply brilliant. And I stress simply, because this is what I took from their concept, very simple traditional Argentinean dishes, brought to the present times in style, presented in a way that will appeal both local and foreign palates. The great Argentinean local proteins, beef, duck, salmon, black trout, goat, chicken being the star or your dish. Isn’t that what any tourist is looking for when in Argentina ?.
My appetizer was the Onion soup Toasted bread with chimichurri butter, cockles spheres. My main course (photo above) was Black Trout cheeks – fantastic cook medium rare due to the texture of the cut. But I would also like to highlight the following traditional dishes as must try and share: Yellow cornmeal polenta, Beef Cheek stew, blue cheese foam, tomato confit. Risotto Shrimp, sweetbreads, sea food mayonnaise. Puchero (stewpot) Chicken, cow tail, bacon, pumpkin, leek, corn, bone marrow. Octopus Crispy octopus, potato and olive emulsion, pepper spheres, salsa criolla.
Dessert and Tea time…. yes of course…. my choice Alfajor Malbec ice cream, mint toffe cream, cacao mousse and peaches alfajor. But I was craving also for the Coconut, banana, dulce de leche, Dulce de leche foam with banana ice cream and coconut fritter. I will have to come back.
Tarquino is part of the soon to be open HUB Porteño Hotel, were experience and homemade luxury made in Argentina are the main focus. Read my previous post HERE.My only suggestion and negative comment to Tarquino will be on the Bar service and quality of the drinks. I am a very spoiled drinker, and for me, part of the whole tradition of going to a restaurant, is the initial drink at the bar, usually my signature Dirty Vodka Martini with three olives. In this case, I felt that the bartender was rushing us, most concerned about us moving to our table, than letting us settle, relax and enjoy the beautiful, cozy and private space they have design attached to the main dining area. My drink was quite a disappointment, not quite what I expected from such and upscale British/French heritage ambiance. But hey there is always space for improvement, and Tarquino is just starting and settling down into the local scene. So hope you guys take this as constructive criticism. I know the kitchen has a timing, and the flow of the night obliges, but part of creating an experience is letting the customers relax and activate all senses, and Tarquino has a lot to tell by its textures, materials, the smell of the Lapacho wood flooring, the lightning, the furniture and the background music.
As you all know by now, I try everything myself before having it featured into my blog. And here I went to Tarquino, with my parents last night…. because they deserve the best, I take them to what I consider one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires. Tarquino @ www.tarquinorestaurante.com.ar – Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com

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