Tonight I have experienced one of the best wonders of the city of Buenos Aires, the Teatro COLON. Consider to be one of the top theaters in the world and the one with the best acoustics in South America. Last 2008 the Teatro Colon celebrated its 100 years. The Teatro Colon, reopened its doors only a few month ago, bringing the sexy, chic and cultural allure back to the city of Buenos Aires.
Invited by the CVB of Tourism Buenos Aires, we enjoyed a fantastic performance of MANON. I have to share with you all that this, is one of those things you do in life, that fills and warms your heart. The play started around 08.30PM till 12AM, with three intermissions, where you may gather with everyone else at the VIZNO Lounge for a crispy glass of Espumante. It was truly an experience that brought me back to the beloved Belle Epoque of Argentina. I felt transported into the past, to what Argentina, Buenos Aires and our society in general used to be and should still be today.
The Teatro Colon, has recently reopened, after over 3 years of being closed for refurbishment. Some may agree or not with this BUT one thing is fact… the Teatro COLON is breathtaking, and believe me I have been around this world many times and things like this are hard to find. So if you plan to visit Buenos Aires, please do not miss the opportunity to visit and live this experience. There are options for all types of budget, so do not feel intimidated and check the official website of Teatro Colon (here).

Here, a few videos I want to share with all of you that I took on my visit last August 13th. I was lucky enough to get one of the private balconies, with panoramic views of the stage and the whole main room. The done is impressive, and has incripted the name of some of the most important composers in the world.

The DOME is of an extreme beauty. (318 square meters). The original paintings were by Marcelo Jambon, but they  were replaced over the year to the actual paintings by Raul Soldi.

Please once again if you plan to visit Buenos Aries, this is a MUST DO and SEE attraction of Buenos Aires, that will let you experience the true soul of the Argentinean Belle Epoque. If you need help booking your ticket, please do not hesitate to contact me. (Email)

(*) Check the FULL Photo Album by Carlos Melia @ Teatro Colon