THAI Cooking class in Chiang Mai  |  Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Since the day I arrived to Thailand, I have been fascinated by their cuisine, new vegetables and fruits, flavors, textures and scents…. and well being a big rice lover and huge foody as I am, when I was offered to experience a real THAI Cooking class with renown Chiang Mai’s Master Chef  Pongsak Siripham, I could not say no. Now I am ready for a long nap.
So I met Pongsak, who is speak fluent english and usually conducts Private cooking classes for 1 0r 2 people at the first floor of the Tamarind Village in Chiang Mai. He greeted me with the classic Thai style of lemongrass infused cold towel and local refreshing drink, to later talk about my likes and dislikes in food, to set out to the labor, knowing in advance that I would end up being victim of my own gourmet ignorance.
The ambience was perfect…. beautiful private room, colorful mise en place of produce and ingredients, lovely views of the gardens and pool of the Tamarind Village and a cloudy day. My whole knowledge on Thai food, other that having eaten it for years, where that some of the basic ingredients are oyster sauce, fish stock, lemongrass, ginger, tofu, noodle rice…. and cilantro. But today by the expert hand of Pongsak, I was able not only to learn how to mix them together and make them taste great, but also how to incorporate new ingredients.
The class took about 1 hour and twenty minutes, and afterwards it took me like another hour to eat all my creations, and I mean ALL of them… well plus a little present by the chef, who learn during the class the Bua Loy was my favorite Thai dessert. Right as I needed more food. The cost of this class for one person is TBH 2200 (USD 70) and for two people is TBF 1650 x person (USD 53), but considering that at the end you get to enjoy a Thai feast menu, it is fully worth it.
I must say that I was quite shocked by the simplicity of preparing this dishes… or maybe it was due to the expert hands of Pongsak, who selected the ingredients in advance. You may opt to have the chance to go to the local markets with you chef before the class. I did not have time so pass on that. We prepared three dishes, one of them you can see above. A Thai Salad with mussels, prawns, scallops, garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers, white and red onions and lots of sweet read and green chili, garlic and lime juice. Fantastic. !!!!
Second dish, and my favorite, was the Green Chicken Curry. I can still feel the taste of it in my mouth. The small green rounded vegetables you see in the photo, are local aubergines. I think it took us 10 minutes to prepare this curry for 2 people.

Last but certainly not least, the classic Pad Thai with lots of Tamarind sauce in honor to the hotel. Pongsak shared with me that he won the best Pad Thai title in Chiang Mai for two consecutive years, so now you know…. come to the Tamarind Village and try his signature Pad Thai.
The best part was the end of the class, when I got to seat by the pool and enjoy all this dishes with a nice chilled glass of local Sauvignon Blanc and afterwards a digestive Ginger Tea. OH I forgot to mention that I eat the whole Bua Loy bowl…. but that has me a bit embarrassed already. kŏr hâi jà-rern aa-hăan (aka. bon Appetit) and no worries, they won’t make you clean the kitchen as part of the training. CM
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