The Eveleigh Restaurant | Los Angeles, West Hollywood, California |  The Eveleigh or The Eve(r)leigh as how the entire staff at the restaurant pronounced it… go figure where the “r” is hiding, came highly recommended by the last issue of the MONOCLE Magazine as on of the Best New Restaurants to discover and experience 2011. Well, I guess that even them can be wrong every so often… Being that I was coming to Los Angeles for a week, I specifically kept this recommendation in mind and planned to come and check this brand new restaurant in town. The outcome average food, poor service in a nice laid back style and environment.
Hey it is just a matter of personal taste, or the experience you get on your own visit, right. Maybe they still need some more time to settle. Or maybe I am just too spoiled. But the general consensus among all those present in our table, was that the service was pretty lame. The Eveleigh opened a few month ago in West Hollywood in a refurbished country style 1923 building, by the management of the same owners of Ruby’s Cafe in Nolita, New York City.
Located right on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of WEHOWest Hollywood. Hard to spot by the facade, that looks like a private house. The ambience is very relaxed and friendly. Communal dinning tables of approximately 10 people each. (we were a group of 5 sharing with another group of 5 right next to us, which I was not too thrilled about to be honest).
The food was OK. This means regular presentation, short menu with average taste. Nothing to rave about it and far, at least on my point of view, as to be mentioned as one of the best restaurants. My choice for the night were: Roasted White Fish Kale, Romesco Salsa, Braised Artichoke hearts (USD 22). For dessert, since we were 5 in the table and they had 5 options, we did a little degustation of Baked Pear Crumble (USD 9), Warm Bitter Chocolate Cake (USD 9), Yogurt Vanilla Panna Cotta (USD 9), Frozen Dark Chocolate Sandwich (USD 10) and the king of the night, the Eveleigh Donuts, everyones favorite.
Drinks and Wine list were very good, specially three of them… the Sad Bastard (Bourbon, Gin, Ginger, Clove, Lime, Bitters), Evelation (Hendrick’s Gin, Ginger, Lemon and Rose Water) and the Poor Carlito which I assumed was created in my name foreseeing my overall experience at The Eveleigh.
The million dollar question is… Would I return to The Eveleigh ? Probably NOT. Would I recommend it to others? … Probably YES, warning and making very clear that it is a very laid back experience, not for special occasions or for those visiting Los Angeles only for a few nights.
West Hollywood is FULL of wonderful and exciting restaurants, which I will blog about during this next few days, so no worries there are plenty of great options to choose from.

(*) The Eveleigh Restaurant |  West Hollywood, 8752 Sunset Boulevard  |  Tel. 424.239.1630  |