The Minotaur at the Old Vic Tunnels  |  London, UK  |   Tonight I came to the tunnels of London, close to the Waterloo Station, to experience an amazing exhibition only matched by this unique venue, high fashion derelict and modern. The Minotaur which opens to the public tomorrow (OCT 11th. – 25th.) by Lazarides, returns to The Old Vic Tunnels this year taking inspiration from the ancient Greek legend of The Minotaur. If you are a local, or just visiting, The Minotaur is a London Must see and visit…

Steve Lazarides will commission artists from his international stable to each create their own interpretation of the classical myth within a stunning Labyrinth installation. I mean talking about everyone in London, what an amazing exclusive opening night. Champagne and wine, great crowd and the most amazing ambiance for such an exhibit.
The work on show will reflect the modern resonance of this immortal fable. Ambitious installations, giant frescos, interactive exhibits and unique renditions will combine in one incomparable art exhibition. Steve Lazarides is credited with a revival in visually powerful art capable of tantalising and sometimes assaulting the senses of the viewers.
But The Minotaur is more than just an exhibit, it is also for the next three weeks, one of the gourmet hot spots of London. A gastronomic experience provided by some of the world’s most intriguing chefs, The Minotaur exhibition will provide a feast for the mind, body and soul. Pret a Diner, a pop up restaurant by KP Kofler , with top Michelin-starred chefs Nuno Mendes (Viajante, London), Matthias Schmidt (Villa Merton, Frankfurt), Ollysan and Juan Amador, (Amador).
For more information check @ Exhibit will be live till OCT 25th. Tickets for £5. Be Afraid, be very Afraid. CM
 Over the top? Indeed…. how about art with the dead corps of thousands of rats ? is that challenging enough to you. I spent 10 minutes watching at people reactions. From the distance everyone was loving it, as they got close they were, “No it cannot be” and once they were getting over the fact that they were dead rats, they were all trying you touch it.
Rupert Murdoch, is no stranger to the exhibition with his own face carved into one of the walls of the Old Vic Tunnels. This piece was created in only two days by the artist.

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