The power of Giving Back in Manila |  Manila, The Philippines |  As part of the Mr Gay World event that we hold every year around the world, on this 3rd. Edition we have decided to engage with the local communities of the host country, and Give Back to the community. This year, in Manila we came to BARANGAY Slum right in one of the most poor areas of the city, to collaborate and assist with all the delegates from all over the world, to this shelter of GAWAD KALINGAN. Mr Gay World is not a beauty pageant, we go further than that, breaking the stereotypes of being Gay.
Gawad Kalinga is building a nation empowered by people with faith and patriotism, a nation made up of caring and sharing communities, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity.
Charl Van den Berg – Mr Gay World 2010 and myself at Gawad Kalinga with one ofthe coordinators of the community.

Leigh Charles – Mr Gay World Australia becomes the most popular with his Australian Tattoos to the local kids. It is amazing how you can make so much with so little right. !!!

Mr Gay World organization and all the delegates brought food, furniture, books and all type of supplies to the local kids of the Barangay Slum. We spent the whole morning with the kids, playing with them and we furnished two of their school rooms with shelfs, fans, carpets, curtains and more.
Things like this warm your heart. The kids were sooooo nice and happy. If anyone knows about things like this happening around the world that I can help during my trips, please let me know.
Mr Gay World delegation visits the Major Barangay Slum, where reining Mr Gay World 2010 and Eric Butter president of MGW addressed the local authorities.
To learn more about Gawad Kalinga please visit their official website. Gawad Kalinga.