The Venetian Resort & Casino by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe Venetian Resort & Casino  |  Las Vegas, United States  |  Last week during my stay in Las Vegas for the YLC 2013 Conference and the LTX 2013 Convention, I was hosted at The Venetian Resort & Casino. Reviewing and experiencing hotels in Las Vegas, is always a daunting task, due to the size and number of outlets, attractions and restaurants within each property. So I decided to keep it simple and to just comment on what I’ve got to experience and see.  Since I was busy with the convention and conference, I was not able to enjoy much of the resort, featuring signature Canyon Ranch SpaClub, Venetian Pool Deck (which I tried but it was way too overcrowded for my taste), and the TAO Beach.

The Venetian Resort & Casino by www.carlosmeliablog.comLet’s say that all I got to experience, was my suite on The Venetian Tower, a few of their restaurants, their featured show Rock of Ages and some strolls along the streets of Venice (which by the way were dry!!!).

I was hosted at a Suite at The Venetian Tower. 36-story four-stats resort, The Venetian features all suites accommodation, I would say being the biggest entry level suites in The Strip. I was very happy with my suite, although of course, me being me, I would have preferred to stay at their Palazzo Tower. I was hosted (video above) at a Luxury King Suite  – 650 square feet – Roman tub, plush king-sized bed with Egyptian cotton sheets to the sunken living area complete with HD TVs and plush furnishings. My concerns with this suite were: Lightning concept: I could not see anything. Low lights, I assume to save energy. Color Palette: too rustic, sad and outdated to my own taste. You can pretend to be in a Tuscan Villa, but even those have been refurbished. Bathroom amenities were a total disappointment for such an all-suite property. Unfortunately I was never able to see the suites at The Palazzo Tower, but I heard great things about them. TIP. !!! If you go Palazzo, the way to go is PRESTIGE. You will thank me.

The Venetian Resort & Casino by www.carlosmeliablog.comWhen booking The Venetian or Palazzo through Carlos Melia Network you will receive the following extra amenities: Continental Breakfast for two Daily at Grand Lux Café  + Two Complimentary Indoor Gondola Tickets per Stay (approx. saved value of USD 300 calculated on a 2 nights stay). 
The Venetian Resort & Casino by www.carlosmeliablog.comAs for my gourmet experiences within The Venetian Resort, I must highlight three of them. Pinot Brasserie (photo above), located on the Restaurant Row. Classic French bistro fare with a West Coast accent, by celebrity chef Joachim Splichal. Intimate setting, exquisite cuisine.
The Venetian Resort & Casino by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe Venetian Resort & Casino by
Now if you are a regular follower of my blog, you will know by now that I am a huge fan of Noodle Soups at any time/meal of the day. I was beyond myself when I found out that The Venetian hosted not one, but two Noodle Soup restaurants in property …” Thank God for the ongoing on growing Asian market…”. So most of my meals were are either Noodle Asia, and ZINE Noodle Dim Sum.  The second more formal that the first one, but I strongly recommend both. Finally I must admit that two mornings I did cheated over my soup breakfasts, having some Bouchon croissants and coffee, come on, who can blame me right.
The Venetian Resort & Casino by
I would say it was a great stay. Not my favorite resort in Las Vegas, but I must say that room size, location and service wise was a very pleasant experience. I still have the crave to return and to experience and be pampered at the PRESTIGE levels over at the Palazzo Tower, to have a well rounded and final verdict over the entire resort DNA. Gambling wise, well let’s say I am not a huge fan of it, and as much as I would love to wear my Tuxedo and play all night thought filthy vodka martinis I feel this is not really my crowd. Therefore I sticked to the shows, brasseries and walking up and down The Strip. CM @ Carlos Melia RecommendsThe Venetian Resort & Casino by The Venetian Resort & Casino by The Venetian Resort & Casino by The Venetian Resort & Casino by
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