The Wilde Album by Merlin Holland  |  London, UK  |  Today I got one of those invaluable presents, those which can only be appreciated by the history behind them. The present was handed to me by the Front House Manager of the Cadogan Hotel in London, signed by the author Merlin Holland, Oscar Wilde’s only grandson. The Wilde Album an unprecedented compilation of public and private photos of Oscar Wilde.
Far from being another copy-paste gallop through Oscar Wilde‘s life, it examines the relationship between himself and his mother, his wife, his children and Alfred Douglas. It also investigates his own prosecution for homosexuality by the Crown. After Wilde’s conviction, his wife, Constance and their sons, where force to change their last name to Holland. Most of the moments of his life took place at this very room and armchair, where I am seating right now while writing this post, at the Room #118 of the Cadogan Hotel in London. Thank you Lee J. and Merlin Holland for this present. CM

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