This is WHY I choose not to fly UNITED  |  United States  |  And there are the reasons, based on my own experiences, why I choose not to fly United, at least when I have the choice not to do so. Yesterday I was confirmed in Business Class from Los Angeles to New York City – UA 233. This was the case from beginning to end. And now, apparently, I will have extra 3000 Bonus Mileage Plus Miles on my account, which will be credited in 14 days. Really 14 days to credit miles to an account ? Well trust me I will do my follow up on this and keep you all posted.

This is how everything began. Lovely Business Class seat, exit row, wide seat pitch…. I was ready to fly and enjoy 6 hours to New York, watching a few movies, enjoying my dinner and doing some work. I love flying, and when I am on the air, I feel that it is my private time to do nothing and relax. I grew up onboard planes, so I am very much used to be on them. Silly me right. !!!! Well nothing of the above came true.
I would say 40% of the Business Class was empty, so the crew started moving people from Economy Class to Business Class, not sure with which criteria, since there were people seating next to me, then being asked to go back to Economy,… very weird but anyhow, not that this bothered me at all, I have been in that positing more times that I can remember, and an UPGRADE is always welcomed. BUT the problem is when upgraded customers are treated same as confirmed or full paid Business Class passengers. Meaning, when I tried to make my meal choice for the flight (an again it was a 6 hours flight), the flight attendant told me … Sorry we run out of that option… and it is not that I was being picky or impossible, it is just because I do not eat any of the other options. So he said, well you should have ordered a Vegetarian Meal… to which I replied I am not Vegetarian. But this was not the point. The point was that upgraded passengers, had the option to choose their meals over me, and this is just plain WRONG. Result: well six hours over a mere salad.
So I said to myself, over 2 glasses of White Wine, and a salad ha ha ha…. just relax and watch a movie and forget about all this, after all it is not the end of the world, and you have been lounging and eating over the whole weekend. So I got my DVD Player (OH yes because United still has portable DVD players on their Boeings 757, not individual screens on the back of each seat), and my pseudo BOSE headset version trademark by United, and started scrolling along the movies and TV selection. Found a few interesting options, and sat back planning to relax for the rest of the flight. Well my dear readers, that didn’t happened  either…. after trying five different DVD Players and two United headsets, I just gave up. !!!! All broken, and inoperative. I called the flight attendant, once again, and he told me right off … We have stopped maintenance of all the DVD Players, since we are changing to a new system. Let me translate this to you in plain English, in case you have not understood, he meant allegedly …SCREW YOU.
What a wonderful United experience. But HOLD ON it is yet not over. Trying to stay cool and still enjoy my flight, I said to myself, get your laptop out and do some emails and work. Well I decided not to connect to the onboard WiFi since it was over USD 20, and at this point we only had and hour and a half left to land in JFK. So looking for the outlet on my seat, to connect my laptop to be charged, guess what ? The outlet was BROKEN. Of course, once again silly me, how would I expect this to work. I was literally trapped on a six hours flight, with no Food, no Audio, no Video, no Electricity and overpriced WiFi. Fortunately one of the flight attendants saw my frustration, and realized I was about to explote, when he kindly handed me the lovely  ” Please Accept Our Apology ” Voucher. Which in a way gave me some relief. But not for too long…

 I am not going to bother you with more details. I got off the plane, claimed my luggage and jump on a taxi back to Manhattan. During the twenty minutes ride, I was very curious about this Apology Voucher, so I started searching on my iPhone, and I filled out the forms bla bla bla…. but guess what, when I pressed submit, the site directed me once and over again to an ERROR Page without further information. Great way to show your apologies United. ( There has been an error processing your request. Please try your request again, or contact us at ). After a few emails back and forward, they explained to me that I was I WAS DOING THINGS WRONG… ha ha ha for a change. I was guilty of entering too much text on the Additional Information field, therefore resulting into an error message. United, why don’t you put a word counter or a message explaining that. TIP to the IT department, I am sure you do not want your customers trying to redeem their Apology Voucher to get over frustrated and give up on their claim right ?
Customer Appreciation they say…. so over 7 or 8 failed submissions, I finally managed to do it. Claimed my bonus milages, which supposedly will be credited to my account in 14 DAYS (right 14 days). And I will be able to redeem my wonderful former OnePass Miles now Mileage Plus, to have another unforgettable experience with United.  I must be fair and say the things that were OK too right…. mmmmmmmm oh yes yes… The seats were comfortable and almost 160 Degrees flat. The luggage came out first as Priority once at JFK in New York. That was it. !!! Thank you for flying with US. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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