To TIP or not to TIP is the question America  |  United States  |  This week on a rage after a unfortunate incident at the curbside of the Delta Airlines Bags Check IN area at the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, I posted this comment on my Facebook Wall. A comment I have been holding for over 8 years, and it came out of my last Monday without any filter. I must say that I am guilty of generalization, and I publicly apologized for that, but despite of that I still stay firm on my believe that the TIPPING situation in the United States is ridiculous and blown out of proportion. What do you think ?. If you want to see the whole thread, I invited you to check my Facebook Wall @ Carlos Melia Facebook Profile. There is over 40 Comments and 55 Likes. What I like and most enjoy about this open platforms is that everyone can express how they feel and their point of view, in a polite and respectful way. As I always say Agree to Disagree , correct ?
And for the RECORD everyone what started this comment was not a waiter. Was my taxi driver and the Delta Airlines guy checking my bags at New Orleans Aiport. After he tagged my bags, he looks at me and says… We work on tips here. Really man.!!! You just charged me USD 60 to check my damn bag, after I paid USD 644 for a RT Ticket NYC / MSY / NYC and you still expect me TO TIP YOU.? Hell NO. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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