Travel beyond COVID-19. What travel will look like during & after COVID-19. A series of interviews with our top Hospitality and Tourism partners from around the world. Updates, Awareness, Wisdom & Education.  

Interview with Rocco Bova. General Manager at Chable Yucatan.
Yucatan, Mexico

According to the WTTC – World TraveL & Tourism Council, five regions of Mexico, have received the #SAFETRAVELS Stamp. Baja California, Cancun, Caribe Mexicano and the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Chable Yucatan Accommodation

Chable Yucatan

Chable Yucatan. Redefining  Wellness. Modern aesthetics and ancient mysticism come together at Chablé Yucatán. Hidden within the Mayan rainforest, yet just half an hour from the “White City” of Mérida, the 750-acre resort repurposes the original 19th-century hacienda walls in its 38 casitas and villas, each minimally adorned and featuring an individual plunge pool. Chef Jorge Vallejo (whose restaurant, Quintonil, is regarded as one of the world’s best) created the menus, sourced from the on-site gardens and paired with the world’s largest private tequila collection. Native healing is found through authentic rituals in the spa, set within a natural cenote. As a wellness resort, Chablé Yucatán takes a uniquely holistic approach.

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  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.

Q&A / Travel beyond COVID-19

Q&A Travel beyond COVID-19. Insight shared from out travel partners around the globe. For follow up questions, kindly contact us directly.

When are you foreseeing your destination opening back for tourists ?
Chable’ Yucatan has reopened its doors Monday the 8th of June and we are already having guests. We are thrilled that there is interests of traveling from both local and international markets.

What measures have you taken to reopen post COVID-19 ?
Please address sterilization measures, security, mandates on staff and guests testing, transportation etc.

We have implemented an initiative called ‘’cleaning for wellness’’ which incorporates not only the guidelines provided by the local government, but also by Leading Hotels of the World and now we are working towards an official certification which will be announced soon. We adhere to stricter procedures but we would like also to insist that our hotel has always used hospital grade chemicals in all our areas. Additionally to this, staff are taken their temperatures daily, they all use face masks (by the way, we are using washable masks to prevent contamination to the environment) and additional PPE for certain positions like face shield for front office and SPA staff and gloves for all food handlers.

How do you plan to enforce these measures and how will you ensure compliance?
All our heads of departments and supervisor positions are ensuring the enforcement of these new procedures. We also have an executive team monitoring on a daily basis that staff is applying them and in certain areas we take a record, for example in the back of the house we use a cleaning sheet where we register the frequency of cleaning of the common areas.

How will these measures affect the overall regular experience ?
Of course we know it won’t be the same. But so far, all our guests have been very flexible and understanding that what is done is for the health and safety of all. One of the service that has increased its frequency is room service.

Booking & Payment Flexibility Terms and Conditions during and after COVID-19 time.
Our payment and cancellation policies have been modified since the beginning of the pandemic and we remain on alert and check the pulse of the industry to change them again when and if necessary.

Will you be offering any special promotions, packages and/or value adds?
We have a number of specials which are listed on our website and all amenities which are contracted with our partners will be honored. This includes all our ‘’internal’’ amenities program like snack time, tea time, minibar and special occasion amenities, which will continue as normal.

How will you plan to maintain a level social distancing ?
Chable’ Yucatan is blessed with over 750 hectars of land and all our individually built casitas and villas have at least 10 meters from one another. The restaurant Ki’ol offers open air dining and we have respected the 2 meters from each table. Finally, room service is available for those who prefer even more privacy.

Tell us about the current quarantine and restrictions within your destination ?
Currently there are no restrictions in Mexico, neither quarantine. We are already seeing some reduced flights from Miami and Houston as well as national flights have resumed. Private flights are also accepted at the FBO and we have already received guests flying on a private jet.

Please add any additional information you believe would be helpful to raise travelers trust levels in order to visit ?
Chable’ Yucatan is set on hundreds of acres of nature, away from crowds and with exceptional wellness facilities. We provide the perfect location for traveling and for those who wish to stay in a resort which, even at full occupancy, will not have more than 80-90 guests.

Now on a lighter and positive note,

Have you taken advantage of this quiet months, to curate new experiences or discover new locations/destinations? If YES Which ?
Since Chable’ Yucatan caters for the UHNWI, we can rarely make any noise and do major maintenance work. So this downtime was perfect to review certain areas, repaint the entire SPA, reconstruct some of the driveway and do a complete preventive maintenance program for all casitas and villas.

What is your favorite feature about your property and destination that you wish to share with my clients/readers ?
As you know and have experienced many times, the culture of Mexico is incredible and Yucatan is blessed with one of the most ancient civilization, the Maya. There are many archaeological sites to visit where one can learn about the history of this culture. At the resort we follow the Maya traditions for healing and wellness and our Spiritual Leader can help our guests go through a journey of transformation.
I also have to mention the gastronomy as our kitchens are led by Jorge Vallejo, one of the best Mexican chefs in the world and the traditional cuisine of Yucatan is (according to Mexican) the best too.

My own Mexico Experiences

Yucatan Peninsula is still on my bucket list for travel. But over the years I have visited Mexico more than a dozen of times. According to the approved WTTC #SAFETRAVELS Stamp, here are some of my experiences at destinations in Mexico, already open for travels. Riviera Maya  & Cancun ( Blog Posts / Instagram Posts ) and Riviera Nayarit ( Blog Posts / Instagram Posts )

Helpful Resources

Some useful resources you might want to keep in mind, for your upcoming travels during and after COVID-19.

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US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs

CDC Center for Disease Control & Prevention

World Health Organization

Homeland Security

Global COVID-19 Flights & Travel Restrictions

World Travel & Tourism Council

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Observatory on Border Crossings Status due to COVID-19

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