Travel beyond COVID-19. What travel will look like during & after COVID-19. A series of interviews with our top Hospitality and Tourism partners from around the world. Updates, Awareness, Wisdom & Education.  

Interview with Matej Knific & Mattej Valencic General Managing Partners at Luxury Slovenia.
Slovenia, Europe

According to the WTTC – World TraveL & Tourism Council, Slovenia has received the #SAFETRAVELS Stamp.

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Bohinj Lake

Luxury Slovenia

As a provider of the highest quality luxury tailor-made travel experiences, Luxury Slovenia DMC offers unrivaled service and advice to clients on the most appropriate travel options to suit their needs. With over 10 years experience in luxury travel, they have developed a level of expertise that is hard to match. Experiences include private concerts, events, celebrations, VIP transfers, gourmet experiences, and more. If you want a signature tailor-made trip to Slovenia, we will prepare it just for you and your guests. You feel sLOVEnia.

Q&A / Travel beyond COVID-19

Q&A Travel beyond COVID-19. Insight shared from out travel partners around the globe. For follow up questions, kindly contact us directly.

When are you foreseeing your destination opening back for tourists ?
Slovenia, as the first country to declare the end of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infectious disease epidemic is open for tourist. However, there is 14 day quarantine required for guests from some countries, including the USA due to the worsened epidemiological circumstances.

We, at Luxury Slovenia feel proud to live in the country that received the recognition of the WTTC Safe Stamp. As a nation we are conscious of our actions and feel the personal responsibility to keep ourselves and people around us safe and healthy.

What measures have you taken to reopen post COVID-19 ?
Please address sterilization measures, security, mandates on staff and guests testing, transportation etc.
Slovenia has implemented strict hygiene requirements and health protection recommendations.

The measures and requirements issued and directed by the National Institute of Public Health based on the epidemiological situation apply throughout Slovenia. The hospitality sector carefully carries out all recommendations to prevent infections. In this way, we protect our visitors, employees, and the local community. Hand sanitizers are available at an entrance of any store, venue, restaurant, etc. Face masks are obligatory in indoor public spaces, as well as on public transport.

We encourage and rely on our guests to do their part to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone by following the relevant recommendations for preventing the spread of infections.

If you start showing signs of acute respiratory infection, such as a runny nose, feeling unwell, muscle pain, fever and a cough, take care of yourself and others! Notify the hotel front desk or local travel agent. Do not stay in rooms with other people, do not go on trips or participate in other activities.

Luxury Slovenia follows all requirements and advices from state institutions to keep our guests safe and healthy.

One of advantages when traveling with Luxury Slovenia is that all our tours are private and tailor made, meaning that guests are more or less by them self and not together with other guests. As well Slovenia is sparsely populated country and is very easy for guests to practice social distancing also while traveling.

How do you plan to enforce these measures and how will you ensure compliance?
Measures are enforced by the Slovenian government based on the recommendations of Slovenian National Institute of public health. Regulations not being obeyed result in monetary penalty. It is not only our job but it is also our duty to make all possible that guests stay safe while in our country.

How will these measures affect the overall regular experience ?
Although the regulations are still relatively new, they have become a standardized procedure for the locals. Consequently, there is no major affect on the experience. Our experience before Covid were private and  Slovenia was not over-crowded country.

Booking & Payment Flexibility Terms and Conditions during and after COVID-19 time.
Yes, we have adjusted Booking & Payment Terms and Conditions. At the time of the booking we take just 10% of non-refundable deposit. In case of cancelation deposit can be used towards any future bookings of guests or their relatives and friends. Remaining amount has to be paid 14 days prior to arrival.

Will you be offering any special promotions, packages and/or value adds?

How will you plan to maintain a level social distancing ?
Stores and venues label 6 feet distances, so each guest knows exactly where to stand. Country is not overpopulated so Slovenia is very good location to practice social distancing. As well more than 65% of Slovenia is covered by forest and that is another fact how you can be in Slovenia and it is still possible to keep social distancing. Slovenia was very successful with its first wave of Covid and one of the reason is a lot of outdoor space where you can be mostly alone, another reason is small population that is easy to manage in crisis.

Tell us about the current quarantine and restrictions within your destination ?
National Institute of public health is managing the list of countries that are allowed to enter Slovenia without quarantine. They update a list on weekly bases. We think that best is to check with us what is current situation with entry restrictions and we will continue from there. At this stage USA is still on two weeks quarantine list.

Please add any additional information you believe would be helpful to raise travelers trust levels in order to visit ?
As highly conscientious and well informed and educated nation we are pleased to have one of the best results in fighting the virus. Any additional and detail information can be found on the following link: I Feel SLOVEnia

In general Slovenia is one of most successful countries with Covid fight in Europe. We have very good healthcare system and everything in Slovenia is close to Ljubljana, Zagreb or Venice airport. We believe that most important is guests trust towards their travel advisor and travel advisors trust towards local partner (DMC). Read more by Forbes ” Slovenia is the first European country to declare an end to Corona Virus “

Now on a lighter and positive note,

Have you taken advantage of this quiet months, to curate new experiences or discover new locations/destinations? If YES Which ?
Absolutely, life made us to stop for a while, to reconsider, to improve and to re-invent. We used this time to review what was good and was has to be improved. Certainly we deepen into regions, for those we haven’t took enough time before. Here I need to mention White Carniola and Posavje region; both known for outdoor and local culinary experiences. For example, hiking in virgin forest, rafting or kayaking, cycling, cooking classes, … Perfect fit for guests who are looking for out of beaten tracks and locations where they will meet mostly locals and not a lot of tourists.

On the other hand, we could fine-tune our Premium product for Private Jets and Ultra lux guests. Perfect for guests who are looking for social distancing, green nature, remote locations, accommodation privatizations, culinary experiences with private chefs, destination dinning, unique experiences like hiking in virgin forest, bear watching, zip-line from the biggest ski jumping hill in the world, underground kayaking through the flooded tunnels of abandoned mine, wellness & wellbeing experiences, private touring to Slovenian icons & highlights, …

What is your favorite experience at your destination that you wish to share with my clients/readers?
Difficult one. Mattej’s (Mattej Valenčič) favorite now is  bear watching. Mine (Matej Knific) is a unique and exclusive experience – Salt Grill with Sea Bass by Top Slovenia Chef. This are three experiences blended in one exclusive experience that guests rarely can have in Slovenia. You start your morning with picking up ingredients and end up at lunch with one of the top Chefs in Slovenia where you will prepare your dish. First you visit Sea Pans on Slovenian riviera where you getSea Salt, one of the ingredient for Salt Grill. Then you will have Fonda Sea Bass Experience where you get Sea Bass – important part of lunch experience. Then you go to your last and most tasteful location, where Chef demonstrate and prepare for you Salt grill with Sea Bass.

And our “evergreen best experience” – which, Carlos, you have experienced yourself during your recent visit, is outdoor private picnic at Lipica Stud Farm.

My own Slovenia Experience

I visited Slovenia, with main base in Ljubljana, exploring to regions like Piran, Gorisk Brda, Lake District, Lipica and more. I combined Slovenia, with Italy and Switzerland. It was truly a magical experience and absolute wonderful surprise.  I would strongly recommend it to anyone, as a single destination or to be combined with Croatia, Austria, Italy and/or Switzerland.

Read more on my very own Slovenia Experiences and follow my Instagram Posts and most recent Instagram Stories on Tunisia

Enjoy the journey.

Helpful Resources

Some useful resources you might want to keep in mind, for your upcoming travels during and after COVID-19.

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US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs

CDC Center for Disease Control & Prevention

World Health Organization

Homeland Security

Global COVID-19 Flights & Travel Restrictions

World Travel & Tourism Council

World Travel Restrictions UN World Food Programme

Observatory on Border Crossings Status due to COVID-19

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