Trying to survive the Underground in London  |  London, UK  |  So this morning, after my daily ride on the Tube from Tufnell Park to Charing Cross on the Northern Line, I posted into my Facebook” Why is it that every time I jump on the Tube in London I get dizzy and nauseous? …” and the comments came along with many different alternatives. Some blaming the bad quality of the air, others the narrowness of the cars and a one saying that I might be suffering from a chronic and trendy gay disease , the Panic Attack, fabulous by all means right !!!
The London’s Underground network and connections are brilliant, taking you almost everywhere in London regardless of the zone. But the air on the trains (specially in the mornings) is ghastly, plus I must agree that the narrowness of the tube and the longgggggg never ending steep escalators are a killer, making it a whole survival adventure.
Trust me despite of comments by local friends “… Carlos the tube it is VERY cramped… VERY far underground… and.. guess what? .. no aircon…”, still everyone admits that it is the most reliable, fastest and cheapest way to move around and connect in  London. Taxis are uber expensive, and buses take for ever. So for the past week, I have tried all sort of tricks and tips to avoid the dizziness and cold sweating.
This was my face this morning on the tube. HA HA HA dreadful right. !!! I have to get off the Tube once to get my pressure and air back before continuing. Come on, as fancy and dramatic as it might sound to say that I suffer from Panic Attack, I spend half of my life on planes…. and have never, ever been sick on a plane. So it has to be bad quality of the air, and the fact that the stations in London are very far underground.
Thank God, that my friend Doug, shared one of his most precious and well kept Tube secrets with me, based on years of experience using the underground in London. And now I will share it with all of you (I know he will hate me for this). It is pretty basic, you must walk to the front end of the underground and get on the first car. He says that Londonians are too lazy, particularly in the morning, to walk all the way down the andem, ergo the front car is most of the time way less crowded and the air quality is times better. And I must say he was right on the spot. Now piece of advice London Underground, how about if you stopped testing WiFi access on the stations and you implement a basic AC system instead. Just a hint…. I mean, we need to be able to operate and not on the verge of fainting to use our mobiles right. CM

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