Tuk Tuk Experience in Bangkok  | Bangkok, Thailand  |  A trip to Thailand is not complete until you hop on a Tuk Tuk to experience raw and full Bangkok. Now do your homework and get your bargaining skills and strategies ready, because in Bangkok price is a mater of negotiation. Tuk Tuk, is a three-wheeled cabin cycle for private use and as avehicle for hire, very popular in Thailand. Fast, easy and very much fun way to move along and across the city like a local.

I went from Mount Golden, close to the Grand Palace, back to my hotel The Sukhothai in Sathron (approx. 15 minutes). The driver offered TBH 200. I said no.!!! He replied, how much do you want to pay…. I said TBH 90. He looked at me and laughed, realizing I was well aware of the prices. Then he came back to me and said – OK but we stop at one shop, Taylor or Jeweler. (then a local friend explained to me that Tuk Tuk drivers are paid TBH 300 for every tourist the bring to the stores, regardless if they purchase something or not). Of course, after walking all day under the blazing sun, I was dead tired and I said, NO SHOPS JUST HOTEL. !!!.

To end the story, he took me straight to my hotel… of course trying over and over, on the way back to my hotel, to change my mind offering me more shops, bars and girls (yeah right as that would work with me ha ha ha). In the end once back at my hotel I gave him TBH 120. Thai people love to bargain and negotiate to the extreme, but from my experience, once the agree to something and give their word, you can be sure they will abide to that. So please before hoping on a Tuk-Tuk confirm you final cost. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com

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