Ukrainian Cuisine in Moscow  |  Moscow, Russia  |  Keen of Ukrainian Cuisine, and want to have a full degustation while remaining on the budget, then perhaps Taras Bulba Restaurants is a great way to do this. An Ukrainian restaurant chain located all over Moscow, featuring great local and traditional dishes. I must admit, that if it would have not been for local friends, I would have never personally stepped into this restaurant, and even other local Muscovites looked at me funny when I mentioned them this restaurant. But so glad we did, since it was a lovely dinning experience. Check out and follow my Instagram Photo Album on Russia.
First you should begin with a pint of Kvass, a fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread. Modern times have also incorporated different fruit juices to the mix and now you can also enjoy flavor Kvass.
My starter, in order to fight the cold, was a traditional soup called Borscht, popular in many Eastern and Central European countries. Made off of either beetroots or tomatoes as the main of secondary ingredient. A soup spoon of fresh whipped cream is added to the mix.
Main course of course had to be the Chicken KIEV. Popular breaded cutlet dish of boneless chicken breast pounded and rolled around cold garlic butter with herbs. For more information Overall a simple, humble, and tasteful Ukrainian culinary experience. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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