Up close and personal with the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  This morning by invitation of personal friend and great knowledgeable local guide Nicolas Iwanuszka, I came to do the tour of Casa Rosada, where he is one of the leading tour guides. If you ever wanted to see the Casa Rosada up close and personal, then come Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10AM to 6PM and take one of the FREE Tours, which will take you in full access to all rooms, almost all balconies and even to the presidential office. My first time inside the Casa Rosada was when I was 5 years old, and since then I never came back in, so I was quite excited about it. (photo above is the Salon Blanco or White Room)

The Casa Rosada is the main Government Palace, an emblematic building, both for its history and for being the headquarters of the National Executive Power. Due to the Bicentennial Celebration, Casa Rosada has had an open doors policy allowing locals and tourist to visit in full access the house during weekends and holidays.

Photo Album above of my tour. You will get the change in over an hour to see the Gallery of the Bicentennial Patriots, Women’s Room in honor to 12 important women in the history of Argentina, including Evita Peron, Alfonsina Storni, Lola Mora, Tita Merello, Virginia Ocampo among others, the Vitreaux Room, the Balconies where you can pay homage to Evita Peron and her iconic speech to the descamisados, Room of Agreements, Reception Room, the Honor Stairs gifts by Italy and France, the Presidential Office (see video below), the Patio de Honor or Palm Trees Patio, Presidential Elevator and finally at the end of the tour the Room of Busts or Honor Hall, with busts in marble of all former presidents whom comply with two basic requirement: to have been a constitutional president and to have been in out of power at least 8 years before their bust is erected.

Many of you might ask yourself, why is the Casa Rosada, Pink. There are lost of stories and myth around this, but the only truth is that they used white painting in the old days mixed with cow fat to impermiabilize the house from humidity. Cow fat would always come with some blood, resulting the mix between white and red, the present pink. Other stories, although are wrong because the colors would result into purple and to pink, could very well be applied nowadays. Purple is known to be the color of Royalty, and the last few presidents of Argentina have portrayed themselves more on that allure than being a simple people in office chosen by the citizens. Anyhow… the house is in order right, as someone said long time ago right in the Patio of Honor.

If you are a big Evita fan, sorry you will not be able to see the original balcony from where she pronounce her iconic speech, at the moment due to some internal discrepancies it is closed to the public, but at least you can make believe and stand on the one next door, and still have the exact same view she had, but this time without the descamisados, only a few demonstrators that have decided to move permanently to the Plaza de Mayo.

This is the official welcome by Nicolas Iwanuszka, multilingual local guide of the Casa Rosada, to visit, enjoy and learn a bit more about Argentina, our history, culture and idiosyncrasy. I must say I was most impressed by the Stairs of Honor and the Salon Blanco with stunning chandelier of 600k and over 450 bulbs, tapestry commemorating the Revolucion de Mayo of 1810 and the Declaration of Independence in 1816. Cheers. CM
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