Welcome to Zambia and Livingstone  |  Livingstone, Zambia  |  Yesterday I arrived to Zambia, after a one hour and forty minutes flight from Johannesburg on South African Airways. Livingstone is where you fly into, if you want to have a great Victoria Falls experience. Either Zambia or Zimbawe are the places to visit, but we chose Zambia, because I wanted to check The Royal Livingstone Hotel, which by the way I have to say has gone above and beyond any expectations. Check with you travel agent, but most nationalities can get their Visa to enter to Zambia right upon arrival to the Livingstone International Airport.

There are several options, and apparently the cost for the Visa fluctuates with the days. Single entry to Zambia is what we went for USD 50 x person. But the other options are multiple entries of the combo of Zambia and Zimbawe, for those willing to experience both sides of the Victoria Falls, which by the way are the main attraction of this destination. When I asked out tour guide about the cost of the Visa, funny enough he answered back … today the Visa is USD 50… ha ha ha, what do you mean by today ?

Not that from October 2011 on, there is a new legislation that those visiting Zambia and willing to cross back to South Africa, Bostwana and other African countries, you will need to have you Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate, otherwise you will be stranded in the border. There have not been any Yellow Fever cases yet in Zambia, but this is as a precaution due to a breakout that has recently happened in Congo. You may get this shot back in your country of origin or as I did, at the Travel Medical Clinic in Cape Town, right at the V&A Waterfront.

Just a few minutes and you are done. In New York the cost for the vaccination was USD 170 (they supply it with previous appointment at the Travel Medical Clinic at JFK International Airport). I got mine once in Cape Town for only USD 60. BUT we careful since the vaccination must me applied at least 10 days prior your visit to Yellow Fever areas, otherwise it will DO get your through the borders, BUT you might be at risk of getting Yellow Fever. So count your days and be smart. Welcome to Zambia. !!! CM

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This trip to South Africa and rest of Africa, has been flawlessly put together and coordinated by the expert hands of Rhino Africa Safaris. African based tour operator, with headquarters in Cape Town. Years of hands on experience in the region precede them, reason why I chose and trust them to be the CarlosMeliaBlog.com partner for this African Experience. We both share the same philosophy, experiential travel and the concept of Been There Done That. Stay tuned, soon CM by Carlos Melia, and Rhino Africa Safaris will bring to you Small Gay Groups to Africa.