World Pride 2012 London in images and videos  |  London, England  |  Last Saturday, we celebrated the World Gay Pride 2012  in London. We marched all along the city to Trafalgar Square, were the main stage was located. There are no official numbers yet of how many participated, but I must say that the procession (aka. Parade) the way the local authorities decided to call the march, was very successful, despite of all the organization, budget, permits problems that have been public for the last few weeks, and for which many were predicting this World Pride to be World Shame Pride.

One of the longest pride parades I have participated off ever, it took approximately three hours, for all the groups to walk through, with a very political presence. The flowing of the parade was not the best, and the lack of floats and music made it to be a bit boring and with a lack of energy. But the message was sent once again, this time in London, that we the International LGBT community with the support of lots of others, are PROUD to be who we are, and THAT is all PRIDE is about.

There were special LIVE performances at the main stage in Trafalgar Square, by British icon Boy George, and Canadian POP DIVA Deborah Cox, introducing the World Pride 2014 Edition to take place in Toronto.

A comment to this, that always goes through my head is…. where are all the local and international artists around the world, which make so much money out of their so beloved LGBT community, to support us and celebrate this day with us?. Making shows and appearances, where everyone pays for tickets is great, I am sure, but if you love us and the pink money so much, wouldn’t also be great to support US on this special dates.? Just an open question…

Hope you all enjoy my photos and videos, a way to transport you all to World Pride 2012 edition in London. We had the chance to personally meet the producers and authorities of World Pride, during a private lunch organized at the Radisson Hotel Edwardian in Leicester Square, and there they announced, together with the team of the Tourism Office of Toronto, the World Pride 2014 in Toronto, Canada.

So this is it for me from London, After over three weeks of traveling around Europe, I am heading back to New York this afternoon. LOUD and PROUD reported LIVE from World Pride 2012 London CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
Special thanks to all the global team at Visit Britain for hosting us for a week and a half, exploring not only London, but the lovely areas of Bath, Costwolds and Stratford upon Avon. (

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