Yachts of Saint Tropez are MASSIVE   |  St Tropez, France  |  Tonight I walk to the port of Saint Tropez, and sat down at the promenade overlooking the yachts to have dinner at Cafe de Paris. I mean, I have been around the world and to chic destinations like this many times before, but sailing boats and yachts the size I have seen here in St Tropez, never before. They are just massive, beautiful and they look so high-tech. I spent over an hour walking watching them.
The two most impressive were Le Coure de Leon and Bliss. And I mention their names, because this two boat are very well known worldwide, and they sail in the Mediterranean as charter boats. And as a matter of fact, I know the company that does that. So if you need help charting any of these boats or others, let me know. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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