Young Travel Leaders with Know How  |  Las Vegas, United States  |  Young Leaders have the Know-How to Make it Big!!! “…The fourth annual Young Leaders Conference (YLC) kicked off in Las Vegas September 9, with gusto and enthusiasm from the travel industry’s rising stars. What has become apparent is that this new class of agents is no longer the fresh-faced, naive neophyte eager to sop up as many basic tips as they can. Not anymore. This generation of travel agent is now seasoned, experienced and knowledgeable enough to rub elbows with the big kids of travel. They’ve got the basics down pat. They are ready, and have already begun, to excel…” said Meagan Drillinger for Travel Agent Central Magazine. I am honored to have been part of one of their expert panels “What’s your Niche?“, along three other colleagues, in my case sharing my inside knowledge on the Luxury Gay Travel segment. …” Of course, it is impossible to be a specialist in everything. The difference between a good agent and a great agent is one who has a specialization and can be an expert in a certain area. The right way to specialize depends on your personal goals, clients and agency. … Carlos Melia of, … came together to discuss finding a niche…”  Thank you YLC, LTX International, Questex Media and Travel Agent Central Magazine for featuring me as a referent on my niche and for having me join this panel. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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