YUSUPOV Palace where Rasputin was murdered  |  St Petersburg, Russia  |  YUSUPOV Palace is were the story of Rasputin’s murder unfolds. Located right off the channel of the Moika River, once residence of the Yusupov family. Grigory Rasputin, was a peasant whom over the years, thanks to his, so believed, healing powers, gain the sympathy and trust of the Tsar’s family. Check out and follow my Instagram Photo Album on Russia.

Rasputin was murdered on the night of the 16th of December 1916. Many believe he was poisoned to death with cyanide, but the truth is that the poison did not kill Rasputin, nor the shot at at close range right at the spot you can see below, in the hands of Felix Yusupov. Rasputin died of hypothermia, once he was thrown to the waters of the Moika River.
Allegedly, Alexei, the only son of the Tsar Nicholas II suffered from hemophilia. Secret that was kept very private by the Tsar and his wife Alexandra, being Alexei the only heir to the throne. This is how and why Rasputin became so close and influential in the lives of the last remaining of the Romanov dynasty. Quite and interesting story, and even more when you get to hear it right where it took place. FYI access to the Rasputin exhibit is only allowed by tours or private guides. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com

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